Community Involvement and Outreach

We love the community of Putney! 

We take great joy and pride in being actively involved with a vast variety of community events, leaders and organizations. 

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Round-Up for Community

At a cash register, you can donate your change easily to local non-profit agencies that help to create change within our community. The round-up recipients are chosen by the Co-op membership body every year at our Annual Meeting. The change is then collected for four months for each of the recipients. You may donate any amount; it's easy to tell the cashier to round up your total to the next dime or dollar, and it is automatically added to your total.

This is a great way to help our community!


The Putney Foodshelf


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The Putney Business Alliance

We are proud members of the Putney Business Alliance.

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Community Events


The Annual Harvest Lantern Supper